One of the great things about affiliate marketing is how easy it is to get started. However when it comes to using your affiliate marketing website there are two primary questions you should be asking yourself.

Now have a look under Appearance – Add New Themes then click “Featured” to get a list of cool themes. When you find the one you like, just click “Install”, and “Install Now”. To see the result, just click your blog’s name at the top of the screen.

Now I look at the Calendar, write a post, then add the post to hootsuite and also my autoresponder, everything scheduled for the same date and time. This lets me work just a few hours and everything is set for the whole month.

They’ve even made it very easy to add your Adsense code to your blog. Using one click of your mouse you can add multiple Adsense blocks that actually match the colors of your blog. What this means is no more going to Google to try to set up your adsense codes and getting all of them to match your blog. You will additionally be able to modify the colors of the advertisement blocks easily if you change the look of your blog.

When I first started out as with one of my first internet income business idea I decided to use a self hosted WordPress baserad sida. I spent what seemed forever loading this platform onto my site. It was so complex that I was near to banging my head against the wall. The great news is that it doesn’t have to be that way any more.

A lot of people will never get the whole feed thing, but everyone gets email. Create an option for people to subscribe by giving you their email address – they will simply receive your blog posts like an email message. FeedBurner offers this service for free. FeedBlitz is another option or, if you already have an autoresponder email list service they may offer this service. AWeber offers this and helps me integrate these blog email subscribers into my other mailing lists.

This system offers you various designs for your blog web pages and they are quite simple to manage. It is possible to look through the layouts they have and just select one that you like. You can also modify the colors of the blog if your not happy with all the default colors. So for those of you who wish to make sure your blog is unique, you’ll be able to do that within the setting. This really is just one of the fantastic features you will discover with a blogger account.

Did you notice this? Portfolio, magazines and all sorts of other, non-blog types of sites built upon blogging engine. This is exactly the point! Pick right theme and plugins, customize your settings and you’ll get just any type of site you want. This alone makes WordPress my personal favorite CMS.