Whether your vehicle has a one-year, 12,000-mile warranty or a 100,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty, experts say it’s important to ensure that your car is properly maintained and all needed repairs are made before your warranty expires.

On the intake side of the engine the following things can slow down the air flow and decrease potential power. Starting with the outside air is the air filter. Paper air filters can block out air flow along with the particles you don’t want in your engine. The next item is the throttle body. This device controls the amount of air being drawn in. If it is the wrong size or has restrictions, the air flow is slowed down. Following are the plenum, runners and intake port. Stock devices are usually not as smooth internally as possible and they can cause further restrictions. So on the intake side, have a very effective air filter, followed by the minimum restrictions in the path of the air flow into the cylinders will help maximize the power potential of your engine.

There are many exhaust and muffler shops worldwide. If you take your car into one of the shops they will usually be able to put a new exhaust system on for $300-$900 depending on the model of exhaust you choose.

Annual inspection. If you own the correct equipment [such as a lift or jacks] you can perform a visual inspection yourself. Things to look for: corrosion, loose mountings, leaking joints, damage to various parts including the catalytic converter recycle, muffler, pipes, and other exhaust components. Many garages and retail establishments offer free exhaust system inspections as well if you prefer to leave it up to a mechanic. Tip: Always check your exhaust system immediately after bottoming out from a pothole or running over road debris. Do not wait for your annual inspection; inspect it right away.

It is also very essential to decide which system should be used in replenishing DEF supply. Normally, there are two systems – Open System and Closed System. In an open system, the DEF container is open. It means that it is not sealed during transporting, filling or disposal. Hence, it is not free from external contaminants. Also, you need to remove the stinger while changing the container. This can be a very difficult and messy task. But the good part is that it can be used more than once which adds less cost in container packaging.

If you don’t want you to take your vehicle into a shop, then you can always order a new one online, and try to install it yourself. This method can save you a lot of money, but is only recommended for those that are mechanically inclined and have the right tools.

You can now go to the back of the car and free the factory exhaust by removing the hangers from the rubber bushings. Congratulations, your factory exhaust has now been removed. You are one step closer to hearing your car’s new growl.

The new products that end oil burning, piston blow-by, and power-loss problems help reduce your cars repair expense. They help avoid, or put off overhaul repair needs, often for years. They add the dependability a motor overhaul, at $2500 will give your motor; which is the real remedy, but do so for under $100.