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Ralphie: I don’t know which player they should go with. They are both strong leading players and I think that could end up being a problem with them butting heads.

Your articles need to serve ONE master, and that’s building a list. Don’t write articles for the purpose of getting more blog readers, or incoming links to your website, even though both of those are served well through article marketing. The primary thing you NEED to accomplish first and foremost is building a list. Have a great giveaway, capture the name, and then start worrying about building interest in your web properties. (and to be honest – giving away GREAT content is a far better way of getting super high quality links than the ones you’ll get from the article directories anyway).

A blog! Sign up for a blog. You can do this at no cost. Blogger and WordPress are popular choices. Both are user friendly and have easy to implement style choices, just follow the instructions given and create the look and features of your blog. You should consider adding a Meta tag in the html editor of your blog. Some search engines use it for information and ranking of your site. There are varied opinionson site maps. Sitemaps give more information about your site to search engines. You can get a sitemap at Google. Some say it helps and others think it doesn’t.

Joe: Gilbert Arenas just has to get his head on straight. If you read his Be a part of my network and know anything about him, he’s a joker all the way. But he’s also a very good basketball player. Maybe the Wizards should trade Arenas to the Cavaliers so that Shaq and Ilgauskas could keep him in line. Kind of like how Chris and I keep Ralphie from getting in trouble by keeping him on a child leash.

Just find the content you adapt from. These days, you need to be creative, in order to capture and keep your prospects attention. Without using nonsense advertisements, people are tired of seeing, day in and day out. Your subject line is another highly important factor to keep in mind. Make sure that it grabs the interest of your prospects. The subject line is the very first thing your subscribers see. It doesn’t matter how amazing your email’s content is, if your subject line isn’t attention grabbing they won’t look. Before you can get people to see your content, they have to open the email, after all.

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Scale up and out, rinse and repeat, and always get better. Content is king as you’ve heard a million times before…and the more of it you create, the more green your bank account will bleed, that I promise!