First, I was doing some recruiting for a local paralegal position. Looked at a candidate’s resume, thought they might be a good fit, and gave them a call on their cell phone to schedule an interview. However, their ringback tone was a pretty “boisterous” rock tune. Not professional. I didn’t even leave a message. The person I’m conducting the search for is pretty conservative, so just from that call I had a feeling that it wouldn’t be a good fit. Was I right? I’ll never know. I made an assumption based on the song, and that I had plenty of other candidates to look at-I didn’t need to take a chance to figure it out.

You went from having set works hours to the vast open space of free time. We all long for it, but when it’s before us free time can be daunting. Make sure that you set and hold “work hours” each day. That is, dedicated and focused time toward your job search. Know in advance what you’ll do each day.

So breathe, and realize that you can do and be anything. As you feel yourself letting go of that nervous, negative energy, allow your mind to open up to new alternatives. Acknowledge your icf australia situation; how did you get where you are today? Is it possible to recreate that process and go in an entirely new direction for yourself, your life? Of course it is. You did it before. You can do it again!

Follow your path and apply for jobs you are qualified to perform. Ideally, your education, experience, skill set and natural behaviors should fit the position job requirements.

Bobby Orr: Considered to be one of the greatest players and change agents in hockey. He pursued his talent and inspired the 2-way game. Bobby showed that a defenseman could become a powerhouse scorer. His fast, fluid and end-to-end style made hockey more exciting.

Once you’re aligned with the possibilities, trust that you will figure this out and believe in yourself. You can find a career you truly enjoy. I’ve helped many people do it and I’ve done it myself. I have faith that you can do the same!

#2 Learn The Basics: There is a ton of information about job search strategies at your disposal. Granted, some sources are better than others but the information is out there. Take the time to learn the basics of job seeking such as how to craft a resume and cover letter that will get noticed by recruiters, how to look for a job beyond scanning job listing sites, how to interview effectively, and how to build and expand your professional network. There is no magic in the job search, and you can’t skip the fundamentals. Go back to basics, create a plan and work the plan, consistently.

As Janine Moon, Master Certified Career Coach and author of Career Ownership, says so eloquently, ‘There is only one rule: Your career belongs to you. It’s your responsibility. You better own it.’ To that I add, so go out and hire yourself your next boss! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.