Making a choice between a nursing for the aged facility or in their own home, most seniors will definitely choose the latter. And children of any elderly for their part would also want to stay with their aged parents in the last days of mother’s and father’s lives.

A home senior home health aide worth their salt will have a good reputation within the community that they serve. They will provide you with only the best, most trusted and most qualified medical staff to care for your loved one. They will continually keep their technicians up to date on the ever-changing medical landscape. This requires more training and money, but good patient care is worth it.

Custodial care is also a kind of Home Health Care. It is the most often used type of care. This is referring to when a medical professional enters the home to help with the patients daily activities until they are well enough to do them alone. This can include but is not limited to eating, dressing, showering, toiletries, etc. This care is most often performed by a home health care aide. They are usually there on a daily basis, some stay for the day and others just perform the patients morning routine.

A common service offered by most home health care agencies is help with daily tasks and grooming. Some senior citizens are in fairly good health but they may have trouble getting around. Maybe they can no longer drive so they need someone to take them food shopping or to run errands. Aides can provide help, whether it’s taking them to the bank or picking up their prescription medicine. What if your parent of loved one is suffering from a bit of arthritis in the hands? That can make cooking extremely difficult, as well as tidying up the home. Without a strong grip, it’s hard to do a lot of tasks we’ve always deemed as “simple.” Aides can take care of these tasks too.

It may be scary to watch but more often than not a baby is not choking and just gagging. A normal reflex to bring food that is too big back up so it can be chewed some more. If the baby is coughing or at least making sounds then air is passing through their throat. If the baby is making no sound and seems distressed they are most likely choking and your assistance is required. It is recommended you take a first aid course with your local health care services to be able to assist people when choking and when to determine the signs.

From early February to June 2008, Mrs. M was in and out of hospitals and nursing homes. She would receive enough recuperative therapy so she could return home. She would only be home for a matter of days or a few short weeks before her health declined to the extent that she had to return to the hospital and then a nursing home.

Obviously, there are all kinds of considerations…what about assets, Medicare, the new Class Federal LTC plan, qualifying events, etc, but the above information boils down 80% of of what LTC is about and why it’s important. We’ll leave the subtle tweaks and twists to the other 100 articles on our site and as always, there is sometimes nothing better than picking up a phone or emailing an experienced Long Term Care agent about your situation. We have you covered there as well.