Conference season for women entrepreneurs is in full swing! Over the next few weeks, I’m attending multiple events as a keynote speaker, as well as an attendee. This time of year is perfect to get out of the office and connect with potential business resources and new clients. The key is to be prepared for success. “Showing up” won’t get you the results you’re hoping for. The key is to show up with a strategy that works.

The fact of the matter is that over a lifetime, employees have been sold a “bill of goods” from friends, family, society, the media and even their employers that when an employee finds the perfect job, then they will be happy. More and more organizations are doing what they can to provide a productive and positive working environment for their employees but not once has any company installed a happiness bar (think juice-bar). You don’t dispense happiness from a tap.

Comments API – most commonly people edit comments and check stats, now you can moderate, approve, delete etc. and reply to comments via your mobile phone as well as the dashboard. Comments can now be threaded (you can enable it and have limits set etc.) which allows you to have conversations without the current hacks that people do to keep a conversation linear.

Grab Your Seat Research events happening in your motivational guest speaker area where your ideal client will attend and mark your calendar to attend those events. In-person networking is hands down the number one way to get solid clients and connect with potential referral sources.

Mullenweg also mentioned how he feels that this is the year of themes. While everything used to be plugin driven corporate keynote speaker themes are really taking off with new automatic plugins built into them. They are being used for things such as a monotone theme which can make your site change the backgrounds to be complimentary to the photos you are updating.

The speaker desperately wanted to pace while he was talking. This is exactly what he ended up doing. However, from the audience it was a bit odd to see the speaker walking back and forth behind a row of chairs and tables. What he should have done was to remain behind the podium so that we would not have been distracted.

As many motivational speakers would say, it is not enough to just have a vision, but also to have a plan of action. Without it, you can get lost along the way.