A huddle of students in the back passing notes. A flank of kids in the front doodling on the white board. A cluster of students tucked in a corner playing handheld video games. The entire classroom a symphony of giggles and whispers, screeching and screaming, bleeps and boings and buzzes.

This boy’s behaviour has changed for the better but he’s still trying to assert his control over the adults. However, this is at a much lower level of unacceptable behaviour. A recent example saw him being a nuisance in class and he was removed. Before the teachers started using effective behaviour management strategies this would have led to a major tantrum and mayhem. His improved behaviour meant that he did as he was told by the teacher and left the classroom without a problem.

So, Jack’s welcome for ‘a strict teacher’ at today’s encounter was a perfect example of a child’s long term reaction to having boundaries and limits put on their behaviour. A totally positive reaction and a child who greets you with open arms — and in front of his friends! What a potential risk to his group standing with his friends!

As they came closer, one of them let out a cry and ran towards me… Trouble in store? No, not at all! It was a delighted 11 year old boy throwing his arms around an adult he recognised and liked a lot. ‘Mrs Marsden, I haven’t seen you for ages’… It was Jack, an ex pupil…

Nothing is more aggravating to parents than not knowing how their child is doing in school. Communication is the key. With online Student management system software, parents are in the know. Teachers can keep grades, attendance and discipline matters online for each child so that parents can keep tabs on what is going on. It is great for teachers and parents alike. Parents can check on their child’s progress and contact the teacher with questions or concerns quickly. With that contact, teachers become aware of a student’s progress from the parents’ point of view and can help settle any problems that may come up with grades or discipline.

Each and every one of these events is important and impacted by different outside influences. To make things a little bit more challenging, your spouse is out of town on business. You must accomplish this all by yourself. I know you may be thinking about bailing out already but hang in there, you can do it. Besides I will walk you through it.

Risk management is a key to success in business. Most of us are very well equipped to manage risk effectively. Our everyday activities prepare us well. You can find numerous parallels in everyday life.

Make a plan for risk management. You will be glad you did. Check out my upcoming articles and I will outline for the primary levels of risk management and provide you with detailed description on how to build a risk management plan to help you succeed in the new economy.