It is ranked as one of the world’s most challenging walking and hiking trails and attracts lovers of adventure travel worldwide. The Kokoda trail treks 96 km over the forbidding Owen Stanley Ranges of Papua New Guinea and is so severe on the body and spirit that this year alone, it has claimed 4 lives.

The Waterfall trail is an easy hike; found in the White Tank Mountains which are northwest of Phoenix. This is one of the best places you can find, the incredible Hohokam petroglyphs which can be found about half-way through the trail. The 2 mile round trip is great for less experienced hikers or people who want to take things a little easier.

If you are hiking with a group of people, the chances of a problem decreases dramatically. If you’d prefer not to hike with a group, at least hike with one other person and make your presence known.

Then there are the views of rocky headlands and a white sandy beach which can be had on the Taylor Head Provincial Park hiking trail, part of which juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. It is made up of 4 different hiking, from novice to the more experienced. But with 10 miles of rugged coastline views, and a one kilometer sandy beach, this is a hiking experience not to be missed.

Ohlone Bluff Trail is positioned in Wilder Ranch State Park. The trail is named for the indigenous people who once filled the area. Picnic spots are available along several parts of the trail. Hours can vary on different parts of the trail, so a watch is necessary.

The support given to the ankle and foot are mostly from the stiffness and durability of the shank that runs the length of the boot under the foot, not from the high ankle height of the boot. The shank is the main support system in a boot. High tops can provide a little extra support alongside the shank, but not much. High tops help prevent ankle abrasions; and they help keep water from entering the boot in low water conditions. A pair of gaiters is really necessary for coastal trails. Gaiters cannot prevent water from entering boots from the top in deep puddles, but they can keep the system dry in water levels slightly higher than the boot top if you are moving through at a relatively quick pace.

This war memorial marks the beginning hub for several of the best trails in the northern section. Its a brilliant way to start a beautiful day as the memorial offers the best panoramic views that anyone could ask for.

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