Depression can be a terrible thing to have. But did you know that you can beat depression without the help of prescription drugs? Here we can look at the eight best ways to help you beat that nasty depression without medical help.

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There are many websites and Read my notes dedicated to writing, but only a few geared towards the specific needs of Muslim writers – and even fewer that provide practical information like job opportunities on a regular basis. My blog thus fills a critical gap in the writing blogosphere.

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[Michy] Well, over the years, I’ve held about 40 different jobs, from accounting to criminal justice advocacy. The largest part of my ‘work’ career prior to writing was spent in non-profit executive management/advocacy work of some sort. I was not a professional writer in the workforce, but ever job I had entailed some type of writing, whether it be writing grants, managing a company newsletter, correspondence. In fact, I had a way with words in my jobs, so it seemed I was always called upon to do writing and correspondence for others.

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