I woke up a few years ago and walked into the kitchen. It seemed like a normal day until I hit the kitchen floor and my socks were soaked. I turned on the lights to find the floor covered with water. Next thing I did was to run down the steps to the basement and turn the water valve off until I could figure out what was leaking.

Today, it is important to take care in hiring a contractor to work in your home. In order to ensure the safety of your family and your home, and make sure you are not being taken advantage of it is prudent to do a little research before you let a stranger into your life.

If you are planning to use your off the grid cabins more often, you should consider using a powered best deep well pump that is enough to feed a tank in the attic or some type of raised reservoir. Solar power water heaters are also a good option to include in off the grid cabins. Most importantly do not spend your money on a professional system. In addition to that, you can build your own solar panels for just $200. You should not waste your time and money in spending ten times than that amount. Building solar panels for off the grid cabins are not tricky as you might think.

First thing to do is a sketch of the system starting at the well with any specifications you can get your hands on. It helps to know how much casing is there, and how many feet of water are in the well and the piping layout. Need to identify any hose or faucet connections that are directly off of the primary incoming well water line. These will be untreated by any softener or any other treatment equipment.

The first step is to calculate how much power your solar power system needs to generate. If this is a seasonal/weekend cabin, 400-500 watts should be enough. If you don’t have enough upfront cash to get a well pump for house system this big all at once don’t worry. Once you get the basic infrastructure built, you can just add panels to increase your wattage.

Rule #1 also applies to brushing your teeth. Wet the toothbrush, turn off the water, apply toothpaste, brush, and then turn it on to rinse. When our well was low on water, I used half a glass of water to brush my teeth and rinse.

The best way to find your main water valve is to start at the hot water heater and figure out which pipe is the cold line. The best way to figure out which pipe is the cold is to touch them both you may have to check them a couple of feet away from the heater, at the heater they will both be warm. After you figure out which line is the cold line follow it to the front of the house if you are on municipal water the valve should be towards their system. Some houses in the southern climates have their valves in the yard at the street. After you find your valve introduce your family to where it is in case they are the only ones home when it is necessary to turn it off.

Fourth, if you have a crawlspace, go into it and LOOK and LISTEN for drips. Unless you do this, you will never know about these leaks until the next tradesperson goes in there.