Phil and Jayne stood amid the stone carved horses in the vast hall. They’d read about this in Dr. Stetner’s history class, but they’d never been able to visualize the vastness of it. Phil was planning to go to work for his father’s car shipping company when he finished school, but moments like these really made him think twice about his decision. The cavern-like temple was filled end-to-end with statues of soldiers and horses, many wearing the kinds of fierce expressions that permanently etch themselves into the memory of any who see them. But the army stood perfectly still-not just because they were statues. The statues depicted a scene of an army standing as still as a tomb.

These days most of the cars would be equipped with additional accessories like spoilers, ground effects, fog lights etc. During auto transport, it is better to remove the additional fittings so that they won’t be damaged or lost. You must also take care to fold back the wide mirrors and secure antennae safely.

When your car is shipped on a trailer, there is no wear and tear on the engine. On the other hand, using a drive away service puts miles on the car and that adds hidden costs to the service such as oil and fluid changes. Also, what happens if your car has problems along the way? If a driver gets stuck with an overheated or vehicle or a lit ‘check engine’ light, you’ll also be paying for time in the shop and lodging for the driver.

Car shipping is a simple concept. Various companies provide this and many other services, and you have the option of any of them. One of the most common choices in the car shipping world is the choice to ship a car with many other cars. The result is a very low cost Arizona Auto Transport option. The car is loaded on a large truck and will be transported and unloaded at the new home, where the new owner can begin renovating it as they wish.

Most of the times the rates that are provided online are accurate and reliable. The thing is that every company acts and works a bit different. Which means that the prices may vary from each company as well. Make sure to understand what the difference in the price is. For example does one car transport company include insurance where the others do not? Having insurance is needed in order to protect your car in the event something goes wrong. When looking at the price involved in shipping cars be sure to look at every detail. Such things as having your car shipped in an enclosed trailer will often raise the price but depending on your needs it may be worth the extra few dollars.

For the open auto transport the cost is calculated by how many vehicles they are transporting and the route the driver has to take. For the enclosed transport the cost is calculated per vehicle and how many miles are driven. Both rates also take into account the fuel prices.

For a second, Phil and Jayne didn’t move a muscle. The soldier was walking toward them. Then, Jayne said something else. “Look at the uniform. The soldier walking toward us appears to be ranked higher than the others.” Phil breathed a tiny sigh of relief, reassured that he wasn’t insane or hallucinating a walking statue. However, he wasn’t sure if that made matters better or worse.