Whether you are interested in learning how to buy a diamond or how to buy a diamond ring, you will do well if you read this article. When buying a diamond or selling one, there are four key things to keep in mind, namely the diamond Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat. Of course, some people say that there is the 5th C which is the diamond Cost of course. The cost of the diamond is dependent on the 4 C’s.

It might sound obvious, but in general the bigger the diamond that you are looking at, the larger the carat weight. But this does not apply in all cases. Sometimes you can get a diamond that is small but so dense that its carat weight is far greater than a larger stone. The larger the carat weight the rarer the diamond.

CTW stands for carat total weight and as the name suggests it is the sum total of the Carats in all the diamond s on the ring. Your fabulous ring may only have .5 Carat in the large diamond and 1.5 Carat in all the smaller diamonds put together, giving it a total carat weight of 2 Carat (ctw).

There are always four C’s to consider when choosing the right diamond engagement rings which are Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. Each of these factors greatly adds to the price tag of the rings that is why it is of the essence to be aware of all of these. The first C is the Carat, also known as the weight of the diamond. Oftentimes, you will hear people talking about the high carat of a diamond because of its rarity. One carat is half a gram and is equal to 100 points.

Avoid spraying your perfume or hairspray after putting your pearls on. Instead, spray first and then put your 結婚戒指 on. Pearls are extremely porous and absorb chemicals found in things like hairspray and perfume very easily. Minimize the contact between your pearls and such chemicals to keep them beautiful.

Diamond rings do not necessarily have to be an engagement ring. There are plenty of right hand diamond rings available. These are usually made up of several diamonds and they are often in various shapes. They can be set in gold, silver, or platinum and the prices can vary. If you are interested in purchasing a right hand diamond ring, consider whether or not she already wears any other rings. If she wears a yellow gold ring on her left hand, a white gold or sterling silver ring would not match as well as another yellow gold ring. If the recipient’s ring size is unknown, the ring can be purchased in a stock size and re-sized at a later date.

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